Lotus Evora Sport 410 is Light, Fast and Coming to America

October 26, 2016

After updating the Exige with the Sport 350 and the Elise with the Cup 250, Lotus has turned its eye to the Evora. Keeping to form, the company has made the car lighter and faster. The Evora Sport 410 has a nice curb weight of just 2, 921 pounds, a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 that produces 410 horsepower at 7,000rpm and 302 ft-lb at 3,500rpm and a ton of carbon fiber replacements. This beauty is limited to only 150 a year, so if you want one and have the cash on hand, you better act fast.


What’s New?

What’s new in the sport version? Lotus simplified its carbon tailgate by combining five parts into just one part. That made for a much lighter tail. The door trim is lighter, with the carbon fiber replacements helping to create a lower center of gravity. The body now generates 15% more downforce, without a corresponding increase in drag.

The suspension has been overhauled, now with better geometry and revised damping, in addition to a 5mm cut in the actual ride height. For drivers who want to take this car to the track, the forged aluminum wheels will please you, as will the option for Michelin Cup 2 tires.


The engine is now ready to develop 410 horsepower, making the Evora Sport 410 3 full seconds faster on the test track than the already-fun Evora 400.

The Sport 410 has a lighter flywheel, Torsen limited slip differential, plus a race mode that has a superb throttle response, lowering traction slip thresholds and removing understeer.

There is an option to have an automatic, but since no one buys a Lotus for an automatic, we assume all 250 of these cars will be fully clutch. The manual will get you from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds flat.



The interior is nice, with carbon fibre sports seats wrapped in Alcantara. The center console and steering wheel also have the Alcantara finish, which is a sued-like material that offers a pretty smooth feel for riders. On the dash, you will have both iPod and Bluetooth connectivity access through a touch-screen. However, the standard does not include arm rests, door storage, pockets or even speakers, so you should prepared to opt for a big upgrade.

You’ll be able to buy this for half the cost of the comparable McLaren 570, which may have more power but will kill your pocketbook. This car can be track-ready or road-ready, which should please just about every driver who takes it for a spin. The $117,524.00 Lotus Evora Sport 410 will be available later in 2016 in North America.

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  1. Very nice.

  2. Haven’t seen a car of theirs yet I haven’t liked. keep it up

  3. Not sure about that wheelbase though.

  4. Can’t lie I would love to take one of these for a spin.

  5. The interior looks sort of “meh” to me, maybe because I don’t like suede or suede-like material? Give me leather in a car like this.

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