Mercedes-AMG GT S front three quarters right

Mercedes-AMG could make a mid-engined hypercar with autonomous tech

November 3, 2015

Mercedes-AMG offers only front-engined models, but could introduce a mid-engined model in the future, a McLaren P1-rivaling hypercar to be specific. When asked by Top Gear if the performance brand was considering to make mid-engined supercars, Tobias Moers, Chief Executive of Mercedes-AMG, agreed that there is space for a more powerful product positioned above the Mercedes-AMG GT.

“There will be more members of the AMG family in the future. The hypercar is always a credible business case,” Mr. Moers said. “From a technical perspective, from an engineering perspective, we could make something,” he added.

Mercedes-AMG GT S rear three quarters right

Moving to a new engine layout will be difficult, but given the company’s abundant technical, human and financial resources, it won’t be something impossible to fathom.

“It’s always a task to step into something you haven’t been in. A year ago we didn’t have the speciality to do that thing, but now we do.”

Mr. Moers agreed that the AMG engineers work closely with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team in Brackley and that the recent victories of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team makes the business case for a mid-engined supercar stronger, as per the report. According to him, future AMG models will see usage of electrification, but only when the battery weight and cost issues are sorted out. The limited-production SLS Electric Drive showed that AMG wants to use the benefits of battery power, he indicated.

The mid-engined layout isn’t the only new thing expected from AMG. The autonomous tech used in the regular models could also be offered in high performance AMG models.

Autonomous tech could be more about than just about comfort for the AMG sub-brand. Mr. Moers hinted that it could be used for track-oriented purposes like showing the driver the ideal line to keep driving in around a race track or even assist in drifting.

“The autonomous drifting car? Sure. That’s easy to program…”

[Source: Top Gear]

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