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Mercedes-Benz, Setra present Euro VI-compliant buses at International Bus and Coach Trade Fair

October 30, 2014

Mercedes-Benz and Setra, the premium brands of Daimler Buses, are presenting their Euro VI-compliant bus range and other products at the International Bus and Coach Trade Fair (FIAA) that runs from Oct 28-31. Two chassis for touring coaches from Daimler Buses’ Spanish production plant in Samano are also on display.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü

Apart from products, the Omniplus service brand is presenting its entire range of services for both brands, FleetBoard is providing information on Daimler’s fleet management system, and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is highlighting its range of vehicle financing arrangements.

More information on what is present at the show is available in the press release below.

Mercedes-Benz and Setra at the International Bus and Coach Trade Fair – FIAA Madrid

  • Tailor-made bus range:economical, environmentally compatible, efficient and safe
  • The product range from Daimler Buses covers all the needs of bus and coach operators

Stuttgart / Madrid – From 28 to 31 October, Mercedes-Benz and Setra will be presenting their new products and their now completely Euro VI-compliant bus range at the International Bus and Coach Trade Fair (FIAA), where they will be appearing at stand 9C07 in Hall 9 at the IFEMA exhibition centre.

Setra S 516 HDH

The premium brands from Daimler Buses stand out on the market by virtue of their efficiency, economy, environmental compatibility and safety. The introduction of the BlueEfficiency Power Euro VI engine technology has led to a substantial reduction in fuel consumption and emissions for the vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and Setra. Both brands have the edge in this respect, boasting clean and demonstrably more economical buses.

Another factor contributing to the touring coaches’ economy is the Predictive Powertrain Control system (PPC). The Mercedes-Benz Travego with Active Brake Assist 3 offers even greater safety on board. ABA 3 is able to initiate emergency braking, even in response to the presence of stationary obstacles.

The presentation of the Tourismo K, the new midibus from Mercedes-Benz, marks the Tourismo’s 20-year anniversary. From next spring, the Tourismo line will be fitted with AEBS, which stands for Advanced Emergency Braking System. If a collision is unavoidable unless immediate action is taken, the driver is first given visual and audible warnings and the vehicle automatically performs a partial application of the brakes. If the driver fails to react and a collision is imminent, the vehicle automatically carries out a full application of the brakes.

AEBS is capable of preventing rear-end collisions and can be relied upon to reduce dramatically the consequences of high-speed accidents. From next year, the Tourismo will also be available with the Lane Assistant system. This uses a camera system behind the windscreen to detect when the vehicle unintentionally changes lane or threatens to go off the road. If this happens, the driver is warned by a series of pulses on the corresponding side of the seat.

Mercedes-Benz Euro VI Chassis

In the touring coach segment, the Tourismo K, the Tourismo M/2, the Travego L, the Integro M and the Sprinter Travel will be exhibited. Representing the urban bus segment will be the Citaro K, measuring 10.6 metres in length, as well as the Sprinter City 65 minibus. The Mercedes-Benz Citaro Euro VI received two major awards at the IAA – the world’s leading exhibition for commercial vehicles. The bus prevailed in the IBC comparative test (International Bus & Coach Competition), which was staged by the German professional journal “BusFahrt” and partner media.

It saw off four competitors to win the toughest comparative test of the year for buses, attaining 85 percent of the maximum possible tally of points. The Citaro Euro VI also received the “Green Bus Award 2014” from the professional journals “Omnibusrevue” and “Busfahrer”. This award goes to the urban bus displaying the lowest fuel consumption on the demanding “Omnibusrevue” test route.

Two chassis for touring coaches from Daimler Buses’ Spanish production plant in Samano will be on display: the OC 500 RF 2543 chassis with three axles and the 2-axle OC 500 RF 1936 chassis.

OC 500 RF two-axle chassis

Setra will be presenting new additions to its 500 series. The TopClass touring coach range will be represented by the S 516 HDH. Setra’s flagship, the double-decker S 431 DT bus, will also be on show. Touring coaches from the ComfortClass, which now comprises eight models in all, will be represented by the three-axle S 517 HD and the 13-metre-long S 516 MD mid-decker. The S 415 UL business will be on show as the new addition to the rural regular-service line-up of the MultiClass 400.

The services available from Daimler Buses are acquiring growing importance among customers. Accordingly, the Omniplus service brand will presenting its entire range of services for both brands at the FIAA as well as BusStore, the used vehicle brand.

FleetBoard will also be on hand to provide information on Daimler’s fleet management system, while Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will be presenting its range of vehicle financing arrangements.

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