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Mercedes-Benz still enthusiastic about convertible SUVs

June 21, 2015

The idea of a convertible SUV is not something new with Mercedes-Benz. The company was selling a soft-top convertible variant of the G-Class (short-wheelbase). That was discontinued with the ‘Final Edition’ limited to 200 units in 2013.

Now an article from CarAdvice suggests that the company is still enthusiastic about making a convertible SUV. Speaking to the publication, Wolf-Dieter Kurz, Vice President Product Group SUVs and Sports Cars of the company, confidently said that the company will find a market for a convertible SUV.

Mr. Kurz has also said that the company is thinking of introducing second generation R-Class. Basically, the company is finding potential in almost every potential segment, even if it is niche. Coming back to the convertible SUV topic, Mr. Kurz concluded saying that the company is observing the market and making up its mind, but the decision hasn’t been taken yet.

Engineering convertibles can be expensive, and so can be the production, as convertibles are not typically volume-sellers like the mainstream sedans and crossovers/SUVs. This isn’t stopping luxury automaker Land Rover though. The British automaker is all geared-up to launch the Range Rover Evoque Convertible next year.

[Source: CarAdvice]

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