Mercedes-Benz pickup truck rendering

Nissan will build the Mercedes pickup based on the Navara, says report

April 1, 2015

Days ago Mercedes-Benz had announced that it will enter the high-volume midsize pickup truck segment before 2020. Now a report from the Wall Street Journal says the midsize pickup will be built by Nissan. Nissan will not only be involved in the production but in the development also, as the Daimler-designed pickup will be based on the Nissan Navara (also known as Nissan Frontier/NP300), suggests the report. Aspects like the powertrain and interior will come from Mercedes-Benz.

2015 Nissan Navara pickup front three quarter

Previously, it was reported that the new pickup will arrive in dealerships in 2018, and that the company’s subsidiary in Australia and New Zealand are highly involved in the vehicle’s development and will begin local vehicle testing soon. The vehicle will be engineered and sold by the Mercedes-Benz Vans division.

The pickup will have payload capacity of 1 metric ton and be sold in Latin America, South Africa, Australia and Europe. Whether this vehicle will be sold in the North American market is still to be confirmed. The product will be targeted at pickup truck buyers who prefer car-like specifications and the same level of comfort, safety and design seen in a Mercedes-Benz passenger car.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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  1. They’re a little late getting into the US market with the truck, but I’m sure it will sell. Largely and initially, because it a Benz. Sales will be slow in the US market, until it’s proofed. Probably the same as with the Honda Ridgeline, I suppose.
    The concept, or rendering, is quite-a-bit ‘Tonka Toy-ish or hillbilly.’
    Mercedes is very much like every primary vehicle manufacturing company, as they grow, they have to make a seat for every ass. As, in the case of their SUV, the Gelandewagen and the outrageous 6 wheel drive; it will be refined, and by todays standards, a powerhouse. Yet, I don’t think it will look like it came from a Schwartzenegger movie. It’ll be a surprise for sure.

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