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Next-gen Mercedes-AMGs to have electric turbocharging?

June 15, 2015

According to a new report from Auto Express, the next generation Mercedes-AMG vehicles could make use of electric turbocharging, a technology which has recently become popular with the German Big Three. Mercedes-Benz’s high peformance division is considering this step to keep the running costs down without having an impact on the performance. Electric turbochargers reduce the turbo lag at low engine speeds and help the motor provide ample torque throughout the RPM range.

While some automakers are moving to plug-in hybrid powertrains for their high performance models, Mercedes prefers to stay solely with combustion engine. Speaking to the publication, Steffen Jastrow, Mercedes-AMG’s project manager for compact cars, expressed that the next-gen AMG models need more power. However, the extra power need not necessarily come from an electric drivetrain; e-turbos are an option, he added. Electric turbochargers are used in motorsport but offering them on passenger cars requires looking into the cost aspect.

If usage of electric turbocharing is finalized, it would likely debut on the next-generation Mercedes A-Class’s AMG variant.

[Source: Auto Express]

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