Maybach badge on the Mercedes-Maybach S600

Next Mercedes-Maybach model to be a Bentley Bentayga rival

September 24, 2015

Mercedes now has presence in almost every sub-segment in the crossover/SUV except that it lacks an exotic crossover/SUV to lock horns with the likes of Range Rover SV Autobiography and Bentley Bentayga. Even sportscar makers Lamborghini and Aston Martin are set to enter the segment with the production version of the Urus concept and DBX concept respectively.

Going with the soon-to-become trend, Mercedes is mulling an ultra-luxurious crossover/SUV.

Speaking to Automotive News in Frankfurt, Dr. Andreas Zygan, Head of SUV Development, Mercedes-Benz, expressed that demand for ultra-luxurious SUVs and crossovers appears to be growing. He also referred to the Bentley Bentayga during the conversation. “We are looking at everything that is going on with that segment”, Dr. Zygan said. He didn’t reveal the timeline for a decision though.

Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, further hinted the brand’s interest in the a Bentley Bentayga-rival calling an ultra-luxurious crossover/SUV a “natural fit”.

“There’s just an almost unending appetite for SUVs, and luxury SUVs are proving that”, Mr. Cannon said. “Look at what’s happening with the Bentleys of the world and even Lamborghini thinking about it,” he added.

Mr. Cannon strengthened the credibility of a previous report that speculated a Maybach crossover/SUV. He said that “there’s an appetite, a market for that”. He confirmed that there will be a new Maybach offering in the future, and it would be a crossover/SUV.

“When we get to that point that we expand the Maybach offering — and we will expand the Maybach offering — that would be a natural place to go.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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