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Nissan will launch its first EV with a range-extender in 2016

March 10, 2017

The 2016 Nissan Leaf with the recent update that introduced new 30 kWh battery pack offers a 280 km driving range. But the company plans to introduce an even more practical EV to bring a solution for the range anxiety of EV customers. According to a report from, the Japanese automaker will introduce its first EV with a range-extender in 2016.

The new EV probably won’t be simply a variant of the Nissan Leaf, but a different model in itself, the report suggests. In a conversation with the Australian publication, Yoshi Shimoida, Nissan’s Deputy General Manager, EV and HEV engineering division, said that the Leaf won’t get an engine in the future. However, there will be a new EV with a combustion engine for eliminating range anxiety, he indicated.

“But in the future Nissan will add (a new vehicle) to the line-up of EV systems an engine that is only for generating energy,” Mr. Shimoida said. He said that it will be similar to the BMW i3 with Range Extender technologically.

“It’s something like that (BMW i3 with Range Extender). But we call it a series hybrid.”

The BMW i3 with Range Extender’s combustion engine is a Euro 6-compliant 0.65-litre inline two-cylinder petrol engine that produces 25 kW (34 hp) and 55 Nm (40 lb.-ft.) of torque. Thanks to this combustion engine and a 9 litre petrol tank, the total driving range gets increased from 160 km to 300 km.

Mr Shimoida said that what exactly the name of the new model will be announced in 2016.


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  1. They announced it yet? Will check back.

  2. The range-extender is a must in this market.

  3. great pictures, thanks

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