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Porsche 911 Plug-in Hybrid reportedly confirmed

June 16, 2015

Various reports suggested during the past few months that Porsche was planning a plug-in hybrid variant of the 911 and last month, it was reported that its decision was going to be taken this year. Now a new report from Motoring.com.au, citing two of the automaker’s senior officials, claims that the 911 Plug-in Hybrid has been confirmed.

As per the report, the next-generation 911 range will include a hybrid variant with all-wheel drive setup. Details about the next-gen model are sketchy as it’s about three years away from launch. A possibility is that the petrol engine would power the rear wheels, while the electric motor would drive front wheels.

The chief engineer for Porsche’s first hybrid supercar, Dr Frank-Stefan Walliser, said to the publication that the combustion engine is more likely to be a naturally aspirated one as even though it will be a hybrid variant, it will still have to feel like a Porsche and a 911. He says that Dr Wolfgang Hatz, member of Board of Management in charge of R&D at the company, is also with the idea of employing a naturally aspirated engine on the hybrid variant. Moreover, he expects all other Porsches to get a plug-in hybrid variant in the future.

From what Dr. Hatz has said to the publication, it can be expected that the hybrid variant won’t be a typical one with more weight and less capabilities. He says that if racing drivers, who themselves are very hard to convince about a hybrid, are convinced about it, buyers will “definitely” accept the hybrid 911.

[Source: Motoring.com.au]

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