Porsche PCM real-time traffic update

Porsche to provide real-time traffic update in its cars

August 22, 2015

Porsche has announced that from September, all new cars with the Porsche Communication Management system (PCM 3.1) and the option “online services” (which is available for free in Europe) can be connected to a smartphone and provide real-time traffic update to the drivers.

The company states that the system not only processes data from TMC and TMCpro, it also uses a much larger database that also includes the GPS data of mobile telephones. This data comes from INRIX, a technology firm that specializes in the collection and analysis of real time traffic figures.

The real-time traffic information will give the driver a continual synopsis of the traffic situation in his vicinity, at his destination and along the route. The data is updated regularly and Porsche claims that the traffic status is shown virtually without any delay. Thus, the driver can easily avoid traffic jams.

Porsche PCM

Furthermore, the coloured representation will allow the drivers to grasp the traffic situation intuitively and at a glance: green roads mean there is flowing traffic, yellow roads are for stop-and-go and red roads stand for routes with traffic jams.

In order to activate the service, all one has to do is download the “Aha radio” application onto his or her smartphone via Apple Store or Google Play and connect it with PCM. That said, this luxury is only available in 14 European countries at present.

From 2016, Porshce will also offer a retrofit solution for the new service in vehicles with PCM 3.1 manufactured after November 2012. If the “online services” are present in the car, then only a navigation update for €232.05 will be required. After that, the software for traffic update is provided for free. However, for cars with PCM 3.1 but without “online services” the upgrade will cost €351.05.

More information can be found in the press release embedded below.

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