Porsche Supports Its Classic Cars with New Versions of Classic Tires

November 2, 2016

If you are a classic car aficionado, then you have to love Porsche’s commitment to its classic cars. Porsche is so supportive of keeping its vintage fleet on the road that it teamed with Pirelli to recreate vintage tires using modern technology.

Porsche estimates that more than 70 percent of the cars it has made are still on the road, which shows an astonishing commitment by Porsche-lovers. The company is repaying that love by redesigning the tiers, and tuning them to the specific vehicle generation they are designed for. It’s that kind of attention to detail that wins Porsche lifelong fans.


The tires were developed to match the originals in look and profile design. However, they awesomely meet the requirements of modern tire performance. Porsche and Pirelli teamed up to create 32 tires for model years 1959 to 2005, for models including the 356 (B and C),Boxster (986), and 911 (G model, 964, 993, and 996). They also created tires for front-engine models including the 924, 928, 944, and 968.

The designers made the tires by combining a rubber mixture and additives that are typically used in modern tires. This combination gives better better grip and rolling resistance, which produces an even more balanced drive for classic Porsche cars. Former rally world champion Walter Röhrl was involved in tuning the tires. “The driving properties in the early years were not as full or balanced as they are today. The new generation of tires is more fitting than ever to the driving style of a challenging sports car,” said Röhrl in a press release.


The new-classic tires will also have the quality seal of Porsche, plus the “N” certification designator which identifies them as Porsche release tires. In order to earn these designations, the Pirelli tires underwent testing to meet 33 standards before they could be released as special Porsche release tires. The heritage tires can be ordered from any Porsche Classic Center.

The move is smart business for Porsche, as its classic models continue to soar in price. This ensures that the automaker is catering to a fairly large market that will keep growing. This will also help drivers in the pocketbook, since they no longer need to commission customer tires.

Porsche is following brands like MacLaren in offering continuing support to classic car enthusiasts. Porsche has now made 161 tire recommendations for its classic cars (made from 1959 to 2006). The company also added more options through its Classic Service Center, including new radios and dashboard for the classics.

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  1. This is awesome.

  2. Love the commitment Porche is showing here

  3. Good article. I couldn’t find price of tires though on their site

  4. Gorgeous collab with Pirelli. If only all car companies cared about their classic fleet.

  5. Porsche even invested some bucks into this. Good for them.

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