Honda baby NSX or Honda NSX junior

“Baby NSX” spotted at Honda’s new R&D facility?

August 2, 2015

Honda recently opened a new Research and Development facility in Silicon Valley, California. To celebrate the occasion Honda’s engineers uploaded some pictures onto Twitter.

Interestingly in the background of one of the pictures that was uploaded, a model of a compact sportscar is parked which could be the miniaturised version of the Acura NSX, that the auto media is calling the ‘Baby NSX’.

Seen tucked away in the corner of the photograph, the alleged Baby NSX has been given a grey paint scheme with sporty orange highlights for the air intake. Also seen in the picture is a Honda engineer testing, what could be a new version of the UNI-CUB personal mobility device.

Could this be the Honda baby NSX?

Reports say that the baby NSX, a born-again Honda S2000, is based on the shortened NSX platform and will be unveiled in the US next year.

Reports about the development of a smaller sportscar based on the Acura NSX had surfaced earlier in the year, with Honda not confirming any plans. It is said to share the platform with the bigger NSX while the engine and drivetrain will be toned down to keep the costs in check.

It could feature a 2.0 litre Turbocharged engine sourced from the Honda Civic Type-R, paired to an electric motor, and could also feature the manufacturer’s SH-AWD all wheel drive system. Reports suggest that the car will be unveiled, if not launched, in the USA next year.

[Source – Twitter]

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