2015 Ford Mustang popular colours

Red and Black most favourite colors globally for the 2015 Ford Mustang

March 13, 2015

Ford’s early data shows that ‘Race Red’ and ‘Absolute Red’ are among the most preferred body paint choices around the world for the 2015 Ford Mustang.

In the U.S., Black remains the top choice for the Mustang, followed by ‘Magnetic Metallic’ and ‘Ruby Red’.

The car is now on sale in China too, where 35% of the orders are for ‘Race Red’ colour, followed by ‘Oxford White’ at 20% and ‘Black’ at just under 20%. Over 5 million prospects visited the Ford website in China to learn about the vehicle and more than 18,000 test drives have been requested in the country. The company says that one in 12 Chinese consumers are aware of the Mustang.

Around 1.1 million configurations of the car have been made on Ford’s European websites. The top two colours configured with are ‘Race Red’ and ‘Absolute Black’, with both colours sharing a popularity of 20% each from the total configurations across Europe.

‘Deep Impact Blue’ colour’s popularity ranks third in the continent except in the UK and Italy. In the UK, ‘Race Red’ colour is the most popular, followed by blue. In Italy, both blue and ‘Absolute Black’ are equally popular. The 2015 Mustang will go on sale in Europe midyear.

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    Now lets get the breakout for V8, V6, and Ecoboost with the selected transmissions for each.

    Thanks for the post, Sagar

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