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Renault’s future performance cars could be hybrid

August 6, 2015

RenaultSport, the performance, motorsport and special vehicles division of Renault, is open to the idea of offering hybrid powertrains in its future performance cars, says a new report from Autocar.

When asked about Renaultsport road-legal cars with electric and hybrid technology, RenaultSport Technologies’ Managing Director Patrice Ratti said: “Today the problem of a fully electric sports car is that you need a lot of batteries, but we’re also working on hybrid for sports cars.”

European automakers are in a rush to implement electrified technologies to their performance cars in order to meet the latest European Union CO2 emission norms that will become fully effective in 2021. Apparently, Renault is one of them. Renault-Nissan Alliance’s CO2 emissions target for passenger cars is 93 g/km.

“Hybridisation could help because of the CO2 [savings]. What’s also great with electric motors is the acceleration. We’re working on it, but we cannot go too expensive with technology.”

Mr. Ratti said that Formula E is has a significant role in speeding up the development of electric vehicles by improving battery technology. “In a few years’ time, I am sure we will have three or four times the range we have today”, he said.

Electric and hybrid systems could be introduced on performance cars within 5 to 10 years, he suggested. But it could be earlier than that, if development is faster. “In electronics you never can tell; it could be even faster than we predict”, he said.

[Source: Autocar]

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