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Renault Megane hybrid won’t be a plug-in hybrid

September 23, 2015

Unveiling the 2016 Renault Megane at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (2015 IAA) last week, Renault announced that the fourth generation will see addition of a hybrid variant in early 2017. The company didn’t go in-depth about the specifications but revealed that forming the heart of the eco-friendly variant, will be a ‘Hybrid Assist’ diesel-electric hybrid powertrain.

The clarification that was needed with this hybrid variant was that will it be a conventional hybrid or a plug-in hybrid, and a report from AutoWeek does just that.

Speaking to the Dutch publication, Michael van der Sande, Senior Vice-President of Global Marketing at Renault Group, revealed that the fourth-gen Megane is getting a conventional hybrid variant, not a plug-in hybrid.

With the diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, Renault aims to offer fuel economy of 33.33 km/l and keep the CO2 emissions figure limited to 76 g/km in NEDC cycle. A plug-in hybrid powertrain would naturally offer much higher fuel economy and further lower CO2 emissions. However, given the car’s positioning and Renault’s target market, a plug-in hybrid variant wouldn’t be feasible. A conventional hybrid powertrain, although not as efficient as plug-in hybrid powertrain, would be affordable and won’t require charging infrastructure.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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