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Rolls-Royce enters Czech Republic with Prague dealership

September 11, 2015

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced that it will be entering Czech Republic with a new dealership located in the fashionable capital city of Prague. The company has appointed the CarTec Group as its official dealer in the country, with the dealership officially named Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Prague.

Rolls-Royce informs that the showroom will based in the hi-fashion luxury shopping street of Parizska, in the Czech capital. The showroom is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by spring of 2016.

Speaking at a press conference held in Prague, James Crichton, Regional Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Europe, said, that the Czech Republic is of strategic importance to the development of the company in the region, with Central and Eastern Europe witnessing economic development.

Rolls-Royce Prague delership press conference

James Crichton, Regional Director of Rolls-Royce and Karel Kadlec, owner and Managing Director of Rolls-Royce, Prague

He went on to add that Rolls-Royce has found the best possible partner in the CarTec Group, which is a family owned business. The CarTec Group reflects the philosophy of the company, with its vast experience in the luxury segment. The dealership is perfectly positioned to build up a sustainable business in the heart of Europe, feels Rolls Royce.

Jan Thompson, British Ambassador to the Czech Republic, stated that the luxury industry from the United Kingdom has shown increasing levels of investment helping to create jobs in Great Britain and around the world. He went on to add the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy stands like no other statement for the Best of British engineering, and that they are delighted to welcome Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the Czech Republic.

Karel Kadlec, owner and Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Prague, said, that this will be a new era for Rolls-Royce customers in the Czech Republic and that they are confident that the Flying Lady points to a bright future in their home country.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars currently operates 17 dealerships in Continental Europe.

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