See Porsche’s New Wagon: Spy Shots Reveal That Panamera Sport Turismo is Near Production

It’s been a long time coming, but Porsche is finally nearing production of the Panamera Sport Turismo that shoed as a concept car at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Auto enthusiasts were buzzed about the hybrid wagon with a sleeker backend than we see on most wagon concepts. At the time Porsche did not confirm whether they would commit to production, but new spy shots have surfaced indicating that the company is in the final testing stages.

Porsche’s Sport Turismo was seen testing along with the prototype for the regular version of the second-gen Panamera. The Turismo shape looks very similar to what was shown in Paris. The details are camouflaged, but the shape is identical. The prototype under testing is for a high-performance Turbo, which you can see by the square-shaped, quad-exhaust tips, uprated wheels, tires and brakes.

Porsche conceived the Sport Turismo after consumers said they wanted more trunk space and room than the Panamera sedan. In the spy shots, the roof is longer, giving extra headroom to passengers in the backseat. There are also a few extra cubes of cargo space. The spy shots also reveal that the rear glass is sitting in a more upright position, with a spoiler that makes the vehicle appear even longer. The front of the Panamera Sport Turismo looks the same as other recent spy shots.


We expect that the wagon will have the same powertrains as the sedan, with the updated variants that have been in the works for the second-generation Panamera. The 2014 Panamera S upgraded to a twin-turbo V-6. Porsche will probably include a new V-8 with GTS and Turbo. Porsche will also offer a plug-in hybrid model. Since battery tech continues to improve, the capacity will be greater and the weight should be lower. The cabin layout will most likely have the same specs, including touch-capacitive controls rather than traditional buttons.


Although Porsche probably will not call their new Panamera a wagon, a wagon does make sense for the company’s overall strategy. Porsche customers with families have only one current options, a Cayenne, but if they don’t want a large SUV the only current option is the Panamera. The sedan has great performance; a wagon version gives consumers the same driving experience, but with slightly more room for family.


It may strike you as strange to hear Porsche’s name associated with a wagon, but luxury carmakers like Porsche have been successfully making larger models for quite some time. The Cayenne has been a great success for the brand. The European market continues to clamor for wagons, so the Panamera wagon is probably not the last extension of the Panamera model. Some speculate that there will be another generation of the Panamera Executive in the future, and possible even a couple wit the 928 nameplate.

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  1. Still a brutishly beautiful, luxurious tool, but I can never imagine myself driving one. I would have to hire a driver cuzz I can only see myself in the back seat with a long legged beauty.

  2. Love it, it looks gorgeous.

  3. A little more room, still looks like it will kick ass on the racetrack. I would love to take this out for a spin.

  4. Call me a traditionalist but this is how I like my Porsches – wouldn’t waste this much car on a Cayenne.

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