2015 Skoda Superb Canton sound system

Skoda details 2015 Superb’s Canton sound system

August 11, 2015

The third generation 2015 Skoda Superb will be offered with a specially developed Canton sound system. The Czech automaker has been in partnership with the German loudspeaker-manufacturer since 2013 and offers the premium sound system on the Octavia also.

The Canton sound system on the 2015 Superb incorporates twelve individual loud speakers to deliver a balanced sound. The company says that the system transforms the Superb into a concert on wheels. Ten of the speakers are located in the doors of the vehicle, with the high and mid-high speakers along with the woofers located in the front ones. The rear doors house the high and mid range speakers while a centre speaker is positioned in the dashboard. There’s also a large subwoofer with 2 X 100 W output, housed in the boot.

2015 Skoda Superb Canton interior

A 12-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processor) amplifier that is mounted under the driver’s seat, controls all the components. The DSP amplifier can control each individual speaker’s sound and adapt it to an individual acoustic environment.

The system has been carefully tuned to deliver surround sound in both the saloon as well as the estate version of the Superb. The equaliser will work in four different modes enabling the system to deliver smooth hands-free telephony, clear navigation instructions and music playback. The sound output can also be concentrated to any point in the car while the system cancels out the road noise dynamically.

2015 Skoda Superb and 2015 Superb Combi

The Canton sound system will be available on both saloon and estate versions.

The redesigned Superb offers four new infotainment systesms based on Skoda’s parent company Volkswagen Group’s MIB technology (modular infotainment matrix). The top-spec ‘Columbus’ system can be equipped with LTE connectivity and mobile hotspot also.

More information is available in the press release below.

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