Spy Shots and Reports Seem to Confirm Honda CRV is Getting Bigger

November 1, 2016

AutoExpress has reported that the Honda CR-V, a popular crossover vehicle, is getting a big makeover. Big, as in a 80mm longer wheelbase. AutoExpress reports that the 2017 CR-V will add the longer wheelbase in order to add a third row of seats, which would be a first for the CR-V name. The longer wheelbase would increase the overall length of the car by almost 50 mm, says AutoExpress. The reports seem to confirm recent spy shots of a 2018 prototype with a bigger base and sleeker rear taillights.

How Much Bigger?


The most recent version of the Honda CR-V is a 5-seater with a wheelbase of 2,620 mm. This is about 20 mm more than the Honda City, a very modest add on. But if Honda brings a third row of seats to the CR-V, engineers will try to make the most out of its new Civic platform, which will become the base for the 2017 CR-V.

What Else is New for the Next-Gen CR-V?


Honda is reportedly making other changes to the next-gen CR-V. The 2017 version is expected to be downsized to a VTEC Turbo engine. The 1.6 liter i-DTEC diesel engine will most likely keep going forward with a few mild tweaks to offer drivers better fuel efficiency. In a move to reduce CO2 emissions, Honda will probably introduce the 1.5 liter VTEC Turbo on the 2017 CR-V. Some industry watchers believe the company may also offer the 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo on the next-gen CR-V as well. The CR-V 2.0 liter iVTEC is rated between 168 to 179 g/km, for a good emissions number.

Spy Shots


Motor Trend had spy shots of the CR-V in April. The car looks the same from the side, but there are some design cues that are easily seen in the camo. The grille is closer to the one on the HR-V. The back shows a more streamlined liftgate. The prototype also shows a higher trim level, plus the full-LED headlights that Honda features on the top-range variants of the Civic and Accord.

The prototype indicates that there could be new powertrains in the 2018 CR-V, which can be seen from the dual exhaust tips in the back of the vehicle. Industry analysts also point to rumors about a hybrid variant being part of the total package for the fifth-generation CR-V, which will probably be a plug-in. And the new version will definitely take advantage of the upgraded Honda Link infotainment system and he Honda Sensing suite of active safety features.

2015 Top Seller

The car is likely to debut in the U.S. at the end of the year. The CR-V was the top selling crossover in the American market in 2015, selling over 345,000. It is believed that Honda wants to offer a more upscale version of the CR-V. This could include full LED headlights, plus the full suite of Honda Sensing active safety features.

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