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Spyker back in the game, announces electric car plans

August 1, 2015

Dutch sportscar maker Spyker, former owner of the Swedish brand Saab, succeeded in February in overturning a ruling that declared it bankrupt in December last year. The company received bridge funding in time and so, it returned to the moratorium of payment status.

Now the company has announced that it successfully exited the moratorium on 29 July.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller said: “After winning a long legal battle with just one creditor, we have now finally succeeded in exiting moratorium and we are back in business as a healthy, debt free enterprise”.

The company will finalise the agreements with investors which were held up for over two months by the protracted litigation, and move on with its future plans. Its “ambitious goals” include a merger with electric aircraft manufacturer Volta Volare from Portland, State of Oregon, USA. The two companies plans to build electric cars together in the future.

“In summary, Spyker is back with a vengeance and we look forward to a bright future for the company I founded 15 years ago and which is now set to build sensationally elegant and classy (electric) motorcars and electric planes for decades to come,” Muller said.

It’s unknown as of now if the company plans to become a volume player or remain a niche brand. Around just 250 Spykers are on the road as of today.

More information is available in the press release below.

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