1965 Toyota Sports 800 front three quarters right

Sub-Toyota GT86 coupe reportedly confirmed

May 18, 2015

A new report from Motoring.com.au suggestively confirms a new compact sportscar from Toyota that will slot below the Toyota GT86. Citing an unnamed source close to the company, the report says that the mini sports coupe, codenamed Toyota 69DZ, will be powered by a 130 hp 1.5-litre in-line four-cylinder petrol engine, and will weigh around 980 kg.

The engine is a revised 2NR-FKE unit offered on the facelifted JDM Corolla while transmission choices will include a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic. The Mazda MX-5 rival will be based on a bespoke platform and be priced around AU$20,000 (US$16,075/£10,223/€14,114).

The unnamed source reveals several details about the new sports coupe – designers have a final prototype that is very likely to go into production the way it is, and the exterior is inspired by the 1965 Toyota Sports 800, but modernized for the 21st century customer.

Toyota GT86 Style Cb front three quarters left

Expect the production version to look like the Japan-exclusive GT86 Style Cb; there will be roundish headlights and a large, signature grille, a bonnet with an unusual “lump”, traditional coupe silhouette with short overhangs and curvy rear quarters, and flared wheel-arches.

The coupe is designed this way so as to give the sleekest look possible without sacrificing space for the engine and a 90 mm pedestrian impact zone above the engine bay.

[Source: Motoring.com.au]

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  1. Long time MX-5 fan and owner. I always welcome new fun cars of any make to the automotive scene, especially fun sporty cars that are coupes and convertibles, and the little Toyo coupe, as pictured, looks like a great addition to all things labeled under automotive fun. I, like many MX-5 enthusiasts, have wished that Mazda had built an MX-5 fixed coupe(they did, but it was very rare and JDM only).

    My question is whether this car has a chance in the market place. We already have the brilliant FRS, and a little sibling of the FRS might dilute the interest and sales of that model and probably have negligible effect on the MX-5 sales. With a projected price of around $16,000 US, it might find a quick following, especially if the handling dynamics and MPG or very good.

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