Tesla Competitor Faraday Future FFZero1 Concept Car is A Green Version of the 1960s Batmobile

Faraday Future is roaring into the green hypercar market with the reveal of a concept car called he FFZero1. This electric supercar is designed to blow the doors off of Tesla’s Model P85D.

Who is Faraday Future?

Faraday Future is a US-based company motivated to develop intelligent electric vehicles. The Chinese-backed global company is building a massive facility in Las Vegas for $1 billion. Faraday Future plans to launch its first fully electric vehicle in 2017, with the ultimate goal to manufacture a larger range of vehicles in the future.

The company emphasizes that it is a technology company rather than an automaker, which they believe theoretically gives it the ability to move much faster than traditional carmakers. Faraday’s lofty goals include rethinking mobility entirely, eventually doing away with traditional vehicle ownership.

It is currently unknown if Faraday can back up its big talk with action, but their early designs are well regarded. The FFZero 1 is built on a modular Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), which the company claims gives it the flexibility to produce many types of vehicles with varying wheelbases and tracks. VPA means the cars can be produced with front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations, in addition to one , two or even three electric motor powertrain layouts. Batteries are added to the platform in what are basically “strings” which also gives more adaptability to the platform.

The FFZero1 Concept Car


The purpose of the FFZero1 Concept Car is to provide a kind of extreme proof of concept of the Faraday Future brand ideas. The specs on the FFZero1 are impressive, featuring a four quad core motor, allowing it to reach a combined 1000bhp and zooming to 60mph in less than three seconds. Its top speed is supposedly over 200 mph.

The FFZero1 is not designed to hold more than one driver, as its single-seat cockpit reveals. The driver’s seat is angled at 45 degrees to provide a comfortable ride. The high tech feel includes the presence of oxygen and water tubes that the driver can connect to his or her helmet from ports in the seat.

The hypercar comes with built in augmented reality displays which would be projected onto the concept’s windscreen. A mobile phone is affixed to the steering wheel and would be utilized to control some driving functions.


Whether drivers would actually want to use their mobile phone for these functions is certainly debatable. However, a big part of Faraday Future’s vision includes autonomous driving, so the steering column and other areas of the car will have sensors for these functions.


The most exciting part of the FFZero1 is its bodywork, which is inspired by the Batmobile of the 1960s television show. The body is made from carbon fiber and light composites. The sleek “air tunnel” design was created with the purpose of channeling cooling air down to the battery packs. The rear fin is described as a “digital canvas” that would be used to display the name and position of a race car driver.

The design head is Richard Kim, who came to Faraday from BMW, where he oversaw the development of the I brand, including the i3 and i8 models as well as impressive i8 Spyder concept.

7 Cars

Faraday wants to promote a paradigm shift where people lease different cars depending on their needs. “Perhaps having a city car to get to work, but the platform knows that every weekend you need a larger vehicle for the family,” Kim speculated. In addition to Tesla, the company cited Uber and Airbnb as companies they want to emulate. The company claims it will launch seven cars. Faraday also says some consumers will call its first car an SUV, but it prefers not to define the vehicle, since “Maybe the public will define their own category for it, but it’s going to be a unique statement.”

Whatever Faraday Future decides to launch, its plans certainly will be watched closely by car enthusiasts.

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  1. Love this article, super informative.

  2. 60’s Batmobile, yes, please.

  3. Seems spectacular. What a big test for Tesla. They need to make money back for their investors. Meanwhile Faraday is making a huge move with the manufacturing. Awesome.

  4. Another car company that thinks it is reinventing the wheel again with the new leasing concept, not defining the type of vehicle it is, etc. I’m just not that impressed with these ideas until I see them in action.

    • The big 6 automakers are dinosaurs. If there is going to be a paradigm shift it’s going to be with Tesla, Faraday, all this new blood. I think reinventing the wheel makes sense at this point with the way things are going. And sure, I’d be interested in leasing if everything was covered and I could trade in as my needs changed.

  5. No augmented reality or cell phone crap for me. Just give me a car that is fun to drive. This looks for, i guess time will tell.

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