Tesla Model 3 Leaked Specs: 0 to 60mph in Less Than 4 Seconds With a 300 Mile Range

April 3, 2017

We’re only 24 hours from the announcement of new specs for the Tesla Model 3, which is the company’s most affordable car ever. The auto magazine Electrek was first to report the news, which it says derives from someone who had previously “provided reliable information” to the website. Everyone has been impatient for more news about the Model 3, since Tesla has proven to be remarkably leak-free over the last few years. That all changed because of one source.

The source, who claims to have seen the Model 3 that will be revealed tomorrow, described the following:

Design-wise, the Tesla Model 3 looks like a smaller hybrid of the Model X and S.
The Model 3 is a little bit taller as a sedan, with a totally unique front that resembles the Model X.

The Model 3 is sporty, with slighter shorter and narrower lines than the Model X or Model S. The source went so far as to describe the Model 3 as “sexy and sporty.”

The source says they did not have an immediate appreciation for the Model X, only warming to the design when the Falcon Wing doors first made the scene. The source claims insta-love with the Model 3 design, indicating it seemed “right.”

The source says the Model 3 can travel from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. No one knows yet if this is the standard base model or the specs are just for a limited or premium edition, with a larger battery and all-wheel drive.

If the Model 3 can really hit 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, it is a major coup for the electric car maker. The speed and acceleration put it in competition with the BMW M3, Cadillac ATS-V and other high-end performance sedans.

The base price for the Model 3 is already known. You can get one for $35,000 before tax and government incentives. Electrek has indicated that the high-end price for the car will be in the $50,000 to $60,000, range, which puts it closer to the base price of the Model S. The higher price tag is worth it if you want the autonomous driving capability which is also seen on both the X and S. It will also come with a battery pack of what Electrek suggests could be in the area of 80kWh. That obviously would give the Model 3 a 300 mile range, which would be a groundbreaking increase over the other vehicles Tesla sells.

The first version available in the US may be a 4-door sedan, although there are unconfirmed rumors that other editions, like a crossover, may follow soon after. Although founder Elon Musk has his eyes trained on Europe, it is the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV that is the most direct competition. The American-made car is expected to get about 200-miles on a single charge. Buyers can pick up a Bolt EV for around $37,500.

Expectations for the Model 3 are at a fever pitch. Be sure to check back in this space tomorrow for the latest information about the reveal.

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  1. Should be verrry interesting

  2. I’m curious about how close to the 30,000 the price will really be.

  3. Those are ambitious numbers. But if Elon pulls this off then more power to him.

  4. Yaaasssss! 300 mile range

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