Tesla Model S P85D rear

USA: Tesla Model S P85D dealer dispatch commences

December 12, 2014

The dual-motor Tesla Model S P85D has been spotted on a car carrier in transit to a Tesla dealership, while another example was seen parked, ready for delivery. InsideEVs is reporting that only a lucky few in the USA will get to own the more-powerful variant this year, the ones who ordered it immediately following the release in October.

The white Tesla is likely to be the first example of its kind on the driveway of an American buyer.

Tesla Model S P85D price and delivery

Tesla had previously confirmed on its website that customers had to wait until February to get delivery their cars.

Tesla had updated its U.S. site to convey that efforts currently are applied to fulfill orders outside the USA. This meant that Americans have to wait until February 2015 for their P85Ds.

Powered by a dual motor combination that produces 691 bhp and 930 Nm, the Tesla Model S P85D takes only 3.2 seconds to get to 96 km/h (one second quicker than the previous flagship), and accelerate to 250 km/h. Transferring drive through an all wheel drive system, the car has a range of 443 km on a single charge.

[Image via Reddit]

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