Tesla Model S sport seats tan

USA: Tesla Model S sport seats revealed, cost $3500

November 13, 2014

The Tesla Model S sport seats were announced towards the end of October and here is the first look at them. The optional seats are priced at $3,500 and are available only in leather. Their specialties are the larger side bolsters and contoured bottoms.

Tesla Model S sport seats black

Called as the “Next generation seats” by the company, they are an optional extra for the recently launched P85D variant of the Model S. The P85D is a high performance version of the Model S that comes with an all-wheel drive chassis, with a 211 bhp front motor working together with the 470 bhp rear motor. Combined, the motors develop an output of 691 bhp and 930 Nm.

Tesla Model S sport seats grey

The vehicle takes only 3.2 seconds to do the 0-60 mph sprint, one second quicker compared to the P85.

At some point, the sport seats should become optional throughout the model range.

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