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Tesla’s mysterious announcement is not about Model X

July 17, 2015

Tesla is making some announcement today via a webcast at 11 a.m. PDT. The mysterious announcement has led to rumours and wild speculations all over the web saying that the company will release details about the Model 3 or the reveal the Model X online.

Sensibly thinking, it was obvious that the Model X won’t be revealed via a webcast. The Model 3 is still a little far from making official news. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed via Twitter that the conference is about the Model S.

Now that we know that the announcement is about the Model S, more details about the autonomous driving features can be expected today. At the company’s 2015 Annual Shareholder Meeting held on June 09, the CEO announced that he was himself is testing 2-3 builds of the ‘Autopilot’ mode on his Model S every week and its improvement is gradual but progressing towards a releasable beta software.

He said: “If we keep making progress, I think we’ll able to get it out to Early Access Customers which is sort of a public beta program around the end of this month.”

The announcement should provide more details about what sort of autonomous driving features will the company offer on the Model S, including autonomous highway driving and parking, and when the final version of the software update which will enable these autonomous driving features, will reach the customers.

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