The 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is the Best Sounding Car in the World

January 4, 2017

Ford has promoted its 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R is most incredible, track-ready Mustang of all time. Testers who have driven this beast around the track have confirmed that the Mustang is above all else the car with the greatest roar of all time.

The videos of these track tests are available now on YouTube. The car features a double black racing stripe right down the middle. The carbon-fiber wheels, rear wing (which creates massive downforce), wide tires and lower stance combine to drive that 5.2 liter V-8 to its maximum 526 horsepower, with a pleasing 429 lb-feet torque. The transmission only arrives in six-speed manual. A Torsen limited-slip differential handles power sent rearward.

The difference between the GT350 and GT350R is that the R has a bigger rear spoiler, bigger front splitter, excellent carbon-fiber wheels that shave off half the weight of aluminum wheels, and a red cobra badge. It also drops over 100 pounds, with a final weigh-in of 3,655 pounds.

Huge breaks create rapid deceleration, while magnetic ride control helps drivers keep their ride smooth. The GT350R dropped the rear seats to lose weight.

Although many longtime Ford watchers were skeptical that this time, the company finally put it all into one package, the GTR350R seems to be the real deal, embodying everything you want a Shelby to be. The sound never flounders, not even when you are sharply decelerating around a corner. There is still a strong whoomp, followed by a roar as you take the car down the straightaway. The car vibrates through your skin pleasantly, the way you want a muscle car to feel.

The chassis has been refined to prevent the old solid rear axle being to wiggly on the rougher exits. The interior sports an auto-dimming rearview mirror, dual-zone automatic temperature control, aluminum foot pedals, cabin air filter, Easy Fuel capless fuel filter, illuminated locking glove box, leather/Alacantra steering column, and a universal garage door opener, among other great features.

The entertainment package is optional. The best version includes AM/FM stereo with single CD player and 7 speakers, Sync 3, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and two smart-charging USB ports. Another pricey but good option is the Voice-activated Nav System. The voice-activated Navigation System includes a complementary five-year subscription to SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link,®34which combines Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with 3-D mapping and provides voice-guided turn-by-turn directions. With SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link, you’ll get detailed traffic information, plus current and forecast weather, gas station locations and prices, sports scores and schedules, and theater locations with movie listings and times.

Enthusiasts are happy with Ford’s determination to offer performance versions for most of their fleet. Ford currently has (or is developing) performance versions for the Fiesta ST, Focus ST/RS, Fusion Sport, Mustang GT350/GT350R, Taurus SHO, Flex EcoBoost, Explorer Sport, and F-150 Raptor.

The GTR350R comes in at about $66,6500, if you select the optional Electronics Package. Ford is giving away free track instruction with every purchase, which naturally comes with track time. The videos may just convince you that there is no better way to spend over $65,000.

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  1. the youtube vids of this are sick.

  2. This is the car of my dreams

  3. So much torque, such a great sound. I love the blue & white combo it’s awesome.

  4. Ford doesn’t get enough credit for this. They knew what consumers wanted from this car and they delivered.

  5. The V8 is an endangered species and I understand all the reasons for it. But still, it makes my heart sing to know this kind of muscle car still exists.

  6. Huge “breaks”… Edit

    This is old news recycled.

    As far as the sound, yes, it is a great sounding V8, but it is no Colombo V12, the passion incited by the aural mechanical music exiting through the exhaust system of a Columbo V12 running through the gears, has no comparison.

    And as far as Pony car engine exhaust sound, the new Camaro’s V6 with the dual mode exhaust, is quite delicious.* I have played that video numerous times . Who would have ever thought a V6 could sound that good. So good, I had to test drive one and it sounded great without the dual mode exhaust and delivered a punch in the back and a head snap to rival the old muscle cars of the day and you can have it for less then $30g’s.

    Fan ‘Boys’ will waste their time sending hate mail, I couldn’t give a hoot what numskulls think, you will be pissing into the wind.

    *(Cadillac needs to offer that exhaust on their V6)

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