The 7 Most Bizarrely Awesome Cars Ever Made

March 13, 2017

What’s life without an exciting concept car? For auto enthusiasts, the fantasy of the one-of-a-kind concept car is all part of the fun. Here are 7 of the most bizarrely awesome cars ever built.

Stout Scarab


This unusual car looks like a cross between a Greyhound Bus and a van. Its founder was William Stout, an aviation pioneer who was also the creator of the Ford Tri-Motor. Stout was aiming for true ‘rear-engine/rear-wheel’ drive. Although only 9 of the cars were ever produced, it could be read as the world’s first minivan.

Ferrari 512 S Modulo


Is this a side vehicle to the U.S.S. Enterprise or a UFO? Surprise – it’s an actual Ferrari. The Modulo was created in 1970, right in the middle of the heyday for concept cars. What made the car stand out from other concepts of the times is that its base really is a race car, the Ferrari 512 S. The ultra-low body allows the driver to enter by way of a canopy-style sliding roof. 24 holes in the engine cover show the V12 engine that races to a top speed of 220 mph. A collector purchased the car in 2014 and will restore it to drivable condition.

Jay Ohrberg’s 100-ft Limousine


The world’s longest stretch limousine is in the Guinness Book of World Records because it is 100-ft long and has 26 wheels. That’s not all. This luxury-mobile has a swimming pool, a spa, a king-sized bed, a sun deck and a helipad.

GM Firebird IV Concept


There was once a time when GM was incredibly invested in the idea of autonomous technology. That was in the 1960s, when the company dreamed of a future where electronic highways allowed vehicles to run by themselves, enabled by a system of radars to monitor progression. GM went through four iterations of their Firebird, all inspired by fighter jets. The fourth and final iteration of the Firebird was to be powered by a turbine (the concept never ran) and would include things like a television and refrigerator. Only one of these cars was ever built.

Rinspeed sQuba


The Rinspeed sQuba is the first car that can drive on land and under the water. The all-electric vehicle has three engines, one used for land and two to power the car in the water. Once in the water, the car is made to float on top until the driver submerges it, taking it to depths of up to 10 meters. Rinspeed CEO and founder Frank M. Rinderknecht was inspired by – what else – the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Rinspeed uses the Lotus Elise as the base for the vehicle.

Dream Car 123


Inventor Greg Zanis took his inspiration from ancient Egypt for this pyramid-based electric car. Although it can probably surge to speeds of 40 mph, Zanis swears he will build this car into a vehicle that can soar to 250 mph.

1948 Tasco Car


Famed auto designer Gordon Buehrig created this unusual concept. The car looks awkward, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear Buehrig took many design elements directly from World War II aircraft. Look closely at the two plexiglass planes at the top of the car, because they are essentially the world’s first T-Top. Buehrig later sued Chevy when the Corvette debuted. He lost, although he does have the first patent on the design element.

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  3. Tasco car is actually awesome you should see the interior

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    • Show you they had the general concept for self-driving just in the oposite way

      • Obviously a cost-prohibitive highway system but seems like the random self-driving revolution where most cars won’t be self-driving is a nonstarter. but obviously i don’t run one of the world’s major automakers who all disagree

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