The Maserati Android Auto Concept Car Delivers Android Functionality to Entire Car

February 23, 2017

Both Apple and Google are taking a run at the car industry, but both are doing it in keeping with their company cultures. Google has been openly testing autonomous cars and is seeking partners and funding lobbyists, whereas Apple has maintained its notorious secrecy and little is known about the so-called “Apple Car.”


In keeping with the spirit of openness surrounding Android technology, Google and Qualcomm have teamed up to hook up a Maserati with an Android operating system. This concept car goes several steps further than simply adding a nice touchscreen and huge digital display in place of the car’s console and speedometer. Instead, Android Auto is embedded in the entire car, from soup to bolts. When the Maserati starts up – or rather boots up – Android Auto takes over the car, whether than just replacing the ugly and awful stock interface put into the car by the manufacturer.

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  1. Interesting concept

  2. I’d definitely add as an upgrade

    • No amount of google anything will upgrade a Maserati

  3. Don’t be so sure a car company won’t want to work with Android on this especially as technology continues to advance.

  4. Tesla’s already hiring apple and google engineers so they don’t need to buy this kind of tech.

  5. I’m much more interested in the idea of having the OS inside the other functions of my car than the dash and notifications. Because I still think that the car is not a place for multi-tasking.

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