Nissan IDS Concept front

Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan IDS Concept

October 29, 2015

Nissan has unveiled the IDS Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept is how Nissan perceives the future of autonomous driving and zero emission Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The exterior of the IDS Concept is designed to interact with its surroundings and provide maximum aerodynamic performance. The full carbon-fiber body has been restricted to a height of just 1,380 mm to achieve this; the material used also helps to lighten the car thereby enhancing mileage.

The car’s side body line is a thin strip of LED (called the Intention Indicator) that shines with white light when it detects pedestrians or cyclists nearby, this serves as an indicator that the car is aware of their presence. An electronic display at the bottom of the front windshield acts as a communication device for the car to communicate with the outside world in the form of message displays.

Nissan IDS Concept rear

The interior can seat four people and is comprised of natural materials such as mesh leather. The spacious cabin becomes even roomier on selection of Piloted Drive (PD). In this mode, the steering wheel recedes into the center of the instrument panel and a large flat screen comes out. The interior is illuminated by soft light with all seats rotating lightly inward for the purpose of facilitating conversation. Nissan says that even in PD mode, the car will mimic the driver’s style of driving or set preferences.

Technical details are scarce but Nissan has mentioned that there will be a high capacity 60 kWh battery onboard that will help the EV in covering long distances. The car is also equipped with Nissan Intelligent Driving that is claimed to improve a driver’s ability to see, think and react, compensating for human error which is responsible for 90% of all car accidents.

Nissan IDS Concept cabin

The Concept forms part of Nissan’s plans to offer autonomous drive technology on multiple vehicles by 2020.

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