Toyota FCV Plus front three quarters

Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota FCV Plus concept

October 29, 2015

Toyota has showcased the FCV Plus hydrogen fuel cell concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept is part of Toyota’s larger vision of fuel cell vehicles doubling up as power sources within communities.

Toyota views hydrogen as a promising future source of energy, as it has a high energy density, can be produced from a wide range of raw materials and is easy to store. The FCV Plus contributes to this vision through its ability to produce power from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle apart from what is there in the tanks. This means that it can work as a generator at different locations.

Toyota says that the exterior of the car conveys the “car’s advanced technology and outstanding environmental performance”. The company says that the “sleek body is supported by a rigid frame in a lightweight package.” The concept has measurements of 3,800mm, 1,750mm, 1,540mm and 3,000mm in length, width, height and wheelbase respectively.

Toyota FCV Plus rear

Coming to performance, the FCV Plus is given motive power by in-wheel motors present on all four wheels. These are supplied electricity by the fuel cell stack that is placed between the front wheels while the onboard hydrogen tanks are located behind the rear seats. This placement ensures that the packaging is done in the most compact way possible, allowing more cabin space as well as ideal weight distribution.

Toyota FCV Plus – Image Gallery

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