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TomTom launches TomTom Traffic service in Chile and Mexico

January 9, 2015

Expanding its services in Latin America, TomTom has launched the TomTom Traffic service in Chile and Mexico. The announcement comes less than a month after the service’s extension to new countries in South East Asia and launch in the Middle East.

As per the latest TomTom Traffic Index, three out of top five most congested cities in the world are in Latin America. As per the same index, Mexico ranks fourth in the world for overall congestion. The new service will help tackle the growing problem of traffic congestion on the roads. With these two new countries added to the list, TomTom Traffic service is now available in 43 countries.

More information is available in the press release below.


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London, 7 January 2015 –TomTom (TOM2) today launches its world-class traffic service in Chile and Mexico, extending its reach in Latin America, one of the most congested regions of the world.

“Three out of the top five most congested cities in the world are in Latin America, according to the latest TomTom Traffic Index,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom. “The launch of TomTom Traffic in Chile and Mexico will help drivers, businesses and governments tackle the growing problem of traffic congestion on their roads.”

Mexico City ranks fourth in the world for overall congestion according to TomTom’s Traffic Index. During the evening rush hour, a commute anywhere in the Mexican capital takes more than double the time, compared to free flow hours. Mexico is also on the verge of becoming the leading market for car production in Latin America, with a projected output of almost 3.2 million in 2014, just ahead of Brazil’s 3.1 million, according to automotive research consultancy, IHS.

Despite a recent extension of the highway system, air pollution due to high congestion levels continue to rise in Chile, particularly in Santiago. In an effort to tackle this issue, transportation authorities have mandated an annual five month period of car restrictions, when pollution is typically highest in the city.

By expanding its traffic service to these two countries now, TomTom can help more people move faster, and ease the impact of congestion on the environment.

43 countries around the world have access to TomTom Traffic.

Countries with TomTom Traffic:

1 Andorra 13 Germany 25 New Zealand 37 Taiwan
2 Australia 14 Gibraltar 26 Norway 38 Turkey
3 Austria 15 Ireland 27 Poland 39 Thailand
4 Belgium 16 Italy 28 Portugal 40 United Kingdom
5 Brazil 17 Lesotho 29 Russia 41 United States
6 Canada 18 Liechtenstein 30 San Marino 42 UAE
7 Chile 19 Luxembourg 31 Saudi Arabia 43 Vatican City
8 China 20 Malaysia 32 Singapore
9 Czech Republic 21 Malta 33 South Africa
10 Denmark 22 Mexico 34 Spain
11 Finland 23 Monaco 35 Sweden
12 France 24 Netherlands 36 Switzerland

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