Toyota Mazda partnership agreement

Toyota and Mazda enter agreement to make better cars

May 15, 2015

Toyota and Mazda have announced that they have entered an agreement to build a mutually beneficial long term partnership. The companies will leverage the resources of each other to complement products and technologies, resulting in more appealing cars that cater the diverse needs and tastes of customers globally.

Members from both the companies will come together to form a joint committee for evaluating what can be sourced from and what can be lent to each other. The committee will help both companies offer better environmental and advanced safety technologies on their cars.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said that SKYACTIV Technologies and KODO-Soul of Motion design are evidence to prove that Mazda always thinks of what is coming next for vehicles and technology. Mazda President and CEO Masamichi Kogai acknowledges Toyota’s part in acting responsibly on global environmental issues and the future of manufacturing as a whole.

Previous collaboration between the two Japanese automakers has included Toyota licensing hybrid technologies to Mazda and Mazda producing compact cars for Toyota at its plant in Mexico. As per a recent report, Toyota is considering sharing its fuel cell and plug-in hybrid technology with Mazda, which in return is considering sharing its technology underlying its SkyActiv range of petrol and diesel engines. The same report also states that both companies will also give a thought to partnering in other areas, including procurement of commercial vehicles from the Toyota group and joint purchasing of parts.

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