Toyota Aygo front three quarters dynamic UK

Toyota Aygo, Toyota Yaris get Toyota Safety Sense in the UK

August 6, 2015

The Toyota Aygo and Yaris hatchbacks will be the latest recipients of the Toyota Safety Sense package that will be offered in the vehicles as an option, in the UK. The technology had been rolled out in the Toyota Avensis and Auris earlier.

On the Toyota Aygo, the technology makes use of an laser-controlled pre-collision warning system which alerts the driver if a collision is imminent with a vehicle ahead of the hatchback. The system also incorporates Pre-Crash Brake Assist which will provide additional bite to the brakes in case of panic braking.

If the driver fails to apply the brakes on time, the Autonomous Energy Braking feature will kick in and reduce speed of the vehicle by 19 mph (30 kmph) slowing down the car to minimise the effect of a collision or avert the crash completely.

Toyota Yaris front three quarter dynamic UK

Toyota Yaris will feature Toyota Safety Sense option

The Forward Collision Warning is programmed to be activated when the vehicle attains a relative speed of 10 mph (16 kmph) and will remain operational in speeds between 10 to 86 mph (16 to 138 kmph). The Pre-Crash Brake Assist is activated at speeds between 19 and 49 mph (30 to 78 kmph) while Autonomous Energy Braking will remain operational between 7 and 49 mph (11 to 78 kmph).

A Lane Departure Alert has also been included in the package which prevents accidents caused due to the vehicle drifting away from its lane. The system warns the driver with visual and audible alerts if the hatchback moves away from its lane without the indicators being activated.

The Toyota Yaris including the above mentioned safety features adds an additional Automatic High Beam, which monitors the lights from oncoming vehicles and tail lamps of vehicles ahead to automatically switch between high and low beam to avoid inconvenience to other road users.

The Toyota Safety Sense is available as an option on all trim levels on the Aygo except the base level X Grade and is priced at £375 ($585). The Toyota Yaris also gets the optional safety package on all trims except the Active trim and is priced at £400 ($624).

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