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Toyota S-FR won’t be a co-developed product, if made

November 6, 2015

The Toyota S-FR concept was one of the show-stoppers at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show last month. The S-FR concept is Toyota’s vision of a front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports coupe. Although its production decision depends on the public’s response, it’s probably a little too early to make a decision now.

Speaking to Autovisie, Koichi Matsumoto, Group Design Manager and project leader, expressed that its uncertain whether the concept will make it into the showrooms, i.e. go into production.


However, from the efforts Toyota has made for the concept, it seems as if production is indeed the end goal. According to the Dutch publication’s report, the company has spent at least three years working on the concept, while companies usually spend just around a few months. When asked if the production version (if made) will retain rear-wheel drive layout, Mr. Matsumoto responded positively.

TOYOTA_S-FR rear three quarters

Furthermore, when asked if the production version would be developed with BMW with whom Toyota has a technical partnership and is co-developing the alleged Toyota Supra successor, or with Subaru with whom they already co-developed the Toyota 86 (Toyota GT86/Toyota FT86), Mr. Matsumoto firmly replied that it would be fully in-house, without any involvement from another OEM.

Toyota S-FR concept – Image Gallery

[Source: Autovisie]

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