Toyota Scion FR-S is Now Re-Imagined as Powerful and Sporty New Toyota 86

February 19, 2017

Toyota has released information about its Toyota 86 ahead of its premiere next week at the New York International Auto Show. Toyota is phasing out the youth-obsessed Scion models, but previously company officials said the name Scion would remain. Instead, Toyota decided to update its popular rear-wheel-drive sports coupe, the Scion FR-S, and call it the Toyota 86.

Meet the Toyota 86

The “Toyota 86” has a nice ring to it. The name originates in other markets, where the car is known as 86, GT86, or FT86. The engine in the 86 is getting its first real upgrade since the Scion coupe launched. On manual-transmission models, it will now make 205 horsepower and 156 pounds of torque. This is a nice upgrade from 200 horses and 151-lb of torque. The power derives from a revised intake system, plus reduced pumping losses inside the engine. The manual-transmission has a final-drive ratio has been shortened, which gives the 86 a faster acceleration. If you prefer the standard-transmission, there will not be a power boost, however.

The suspension spring rates and damper tuning for the 2017 86 have also been changed, and Toyota says these adjustments result in “enhanced control and agile performance.”

The 2017 Toyota ’86 is getting a new look as well. You can see this in its restyled front fascia, which sports a new grille opening. There are all new taillights and headlights. It also has a different rear bumper. The alloy wheels are also new. The fenders each sport new “86” badges. The interior features new materials (called “Grandlux”) on the door panels and seats. The steering wheel is redesigned to include controls for the sound system. Although most drivers want button control on the steering element, there are still some who enjoyed the simplicity of the basic three-spoke steering wheel found in the original coupe.

Sales Outlook Positive

The 86 is a fine looking car, and the added power will stimulate ales of the 2017 Toyota 86. The sports car is popular in several hot spots, including Australia, where it is the top-selling sports car. Sales of the car have fallen each year since its launch, but that is the pattern that follows all sports cars. The FR-S sold 10,507 cars in the USA last year, which represented a 25 percent drop compared to 2014. The redesign and snappy name may be a boon to American sales, since the car is affordable in comparison to other sports cars on the market. You can expect to see the car stateside this fall.

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  1. Super look

  2. Man i dig that blue paint job

  3. Pretty good move by Toyota here. I know Toyota is saying its a powerful upgrade but 5 horsepower? That’s a tweak.

  4. they should put a turbo on this.

  5. There’s an annoying torque dip that I can’t stand as a daily commuter with this car.

    • How about adding an earlier onset and sustained toque curve, that would indeed be an upgrade for this car.

      • Yep I’d be on board with this but it’s sitll a fun car to drive!

  6. I know there are naysayers on the power components of this car. But it is a $25,000 sports car that kicks a lot of butt at that price. You aren’t going to get like, I don’t know, Porsche Cayman S power and torque and beauty in a 25k car.

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