Toyota Smart Mobility City booth

Toyota to display connected technologies at Smart Mobility City 2015

October 16, 2015

The Toyota stand at Smart Mobility City 2015 (SMC) will be displaying the company’s latest ITS Connect safety system and Ha:mo urban transport system. This show will be held alongside the Tokyo Motor Show that begins from October 28.

ITS Connect

This package is meant to enhance safety by enabling vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication and in the process giving the driver information that cannot be obtained by the car’s on-board sensors.

The Toyota stall will be used to demonstrate the working of this technology by mimicking a junction wherein a model car, pedestrian sensors, and a 760 MHz wavelength antenna will be placed. The demonstration showcase the exchange of information with the model car in realtime simultaneously displaying the efficacy of the safety package

The Right-turn Collision Caution feature of ITS Connect will educate the visitors about the vehicle’s Human Machine Interface (HMI). It uses on-board sensors to detect pedestrians and the timing and method of alerting the driver will be there for all to see. Other technologies connected with ITS such as Emergency Vehicle Notification function, Communicating Radar Cruise Control (that helps maintain safe distance between vehicles) will also be present among other tech that the company aims to implement in the future. The model vehicle used to showcase these systems will be the all-new Prius that will be launched in Japan in December.

Ha:mo –

Toyota Hamo

Through its urban transport system called Ha:mo, Toyota aims to connect personal vehicles with public transportation systems. It says that such systems will improve mobility and revitalize urban areas, all while being environment friendly.

At SMC 2015, Toyota will also be conducting a joint car sharing service trial in collaboration with Park24. This trial will utilize the latter’s Times Car Plus service with elements taken from the Ha:mo transport system. This exercise will also serve to provide the Japanese manufacturer with information so that it can better assess the future potential of this system in other cities and tourist areas.

The Toyota stall will provide an overview of the Ha:mo project that, according to the company, will “simulate the free and enjoyable travel to and from tourist spots, using the service that combine the COMS ultra-compact electric vehicle (Manufactured by Toyota Auto Body) with telematics-based route-guidance features.”

Another feature called the Ha:mo Agent will be simulated too. This is a route-guidance feature that utilizes a personal identification and voice recognition system alongside a large heads-up display. It is expected to make its presence felt on next-generation Ha:mo vehicles.

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