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UK: Kia completes roll-out of Kia Space Identity dealership transformation program

January 9, 2015

Kia has announced that it has completed the rollout of Kia Space Identity’ dealership transformation project to the entire dealer network in the UK. The Kia Space Identity includes bold red exterior signage, internal ‘brand walls’ and new modern furniture to reflect the brand’s global corporate image.

All 180 Kia dealers now share the Kia Space Identity appearance. 90 dealerships have decided to invest a total of above £25 million in upgrades to their facilites. There are now above 30 landmark dealerships or what Kia calls “red cubes”, across the UK.

More information is available in the press release below.


  • All 180 Kia dealerships transformed with new global branding
  • Total transformation has taken four years

Starting in 2010 Kia Motors UK Ltd embarked on a challenge to transform the appearance of its dealer network. The project has been known as Kia Space Identity or KSI and includes bold red exterior signage, internal ‘brand walls’ and new modern furniture to reflect the brands global corporate image.

Simon Hetherington, Business Development Director at Kia said of the changes ‘It used to be that Kia dealers were too easy to ignore. Just as our latest car designs have increased our impact on the road so too do our dealer facilities now stand out from those around them’.

The start of 2015 marks a significant milestone as Kia has now completed the roll-out of KSI to the entire dealer network. All 180 Kia dealers share a consistent appearance, and one that Kia is very proud of. Along the way around 90 of Kia dealers have made the decision to invest in upgrades to their facilities, including some fantastic new builds and expansions, with a total spend in excess of £25 million. Kia now has over 30 landmark dealerships or “red cubes” across the UK.

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