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UK: Volvo FL now available in 4×4 version

December 8, 2014

The new Volvo FL truck is now available in a four-wheel drive (4×4) version for service and off-road applications. The 4×4 truck has a 2.1 m cab and wheelbase options from 3,350 mm to 4,100 mm.

The Volvo FL 4×4 is equipped with a six cylinder Volvo D8K engine mated to a standard 6-speed manual gearbox and deep rear axles of 5.86:1 or 6.31:1. An automatic box is an option. The six-cylinder Volvo D8K engine is available with two output options – 250 hp and 950 Nm of torque, and 280 hp and 1050 Nm of torque.

The four-wheel drive version has permanently engaged four-wheel drive, a high gear (useful in normal operations) and a low gear setting (useful in challenging conditions) in the gearbox. The 4×4 version is available with the Euro-6 configuration.

More details are available in the press release below.


The popular Volvo FL is now available in a four-wheel drive (4×4) version for service and off road applications.

Volvo FL 4x4 front three quarters left

A compact and manoeuvrable truck, offering high comfort and high torque, the Volvo FL is ideal for both urban and off road applications. With four-wheel drive and improved ground clearance, it drives equally effectively on pitted gravel paths as on asphalt roads.

“The Volvo FL with four-wheel drive with its 2.1m cab, and wheelbase options from 3350mm to 4100 is compact and versatile and can perform challenging service tasks on all types of road surfaces,” says John Comer, Product Manager at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland.

Support for construction equipment

The Volvo FL 4×4 is designed for the service sector for those who require off-road capabilities in a compact distribution truck looking to cater for payloads of 6-8 tonnes. The new 4×4 range is available at 12-, 14- or 16-tonnes GVW, offering a wide choice of loading capacities. To cater for such diverse sectors as cherry pickers, cranes and fire tenders, the FL 4×4 is available with a day cab, a three-person comfort cab with the option of bench seat or a seven-seat four-door crew cab.

As John Comer adds, ”The most noticeable difference with the new Volvo FL with 4×4 is the raised off road defined chassis and 22.5” wheel, which increases its ground clearance by just over 6 cm at the front and 10 cm at the rear. The higher chassis also increases the vehicle approach angle to 25 degrees, making it easier for the truck to drive out of ditches or deep ruts.”

FL 4×4 Driveline and Four wheel drive with low gear

When it comes to performance the FL 4×4 is equipped with the six cylinder Volvo D8K engine at 250hp (950Nm) or 280hp (1050Nm), matched to a standard 6-speed manual gearbox and deep rear axles of 5.86:1 or 6.31:1. An automatic box will be available to special order.

The Volvo FL with 4×4 has permanently engaged four-wheel drive. The distribution gearbox has a high gear and a low gear setting. The high gear is used during normal operation, and in challenging conditions, the low gear can easily be engaged by pressing a button on the instrument panel

Compressed air for more functions

The truck can also be equipped with an extra air nipple on the chassis for operating various accessories or inflating tyres.

Available throughout Europe

The new Volvo FL with 4×4 is available with Euro-6 configuration, and will be sold in all European markets where Euro-6 is mandatory.

New FL 4×4

  • Total/capacity: 12-, 14- and 16-tonnes
  • Approved maximum gross combination weight: 25 tonnes
  • Maximum ground clearance with tyres 11R22.5”:
    i. Front axle: 329 mm
    ii. Rear axle: 319 mm
  • Approach angle: 25 degrees
  • Wheels and tyres
    i. 275/70 R22.5”
    ii. 10R22.5”
    iii. 11R22.5”
  • Cab:
    i. Day cab
    ii. Comfort cab
    iii. Crew cab
  • Engine:
    i. D8K 250hp
    ii. D8K 280 hp
  • Gearbox:
    i. Manual 6-speed gearbox
    ii. 6-speed automatic gearbox as an optional extra.

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