2015 Honda Crosstour rear three quarters left

USA: Honda to axe Crosstour, import Accord Hybrid

April 16, 2015

MY2015 will mark the end of production of the Honda Crosstour. The weirdly designed crossover is planned to be phased out because of its slow sales, and so that the company can rather focus on a more potential offering – the HR-V, says a fresh report from Automotive News.

Honda managed to sell 11,802 units of the Crosstour in 2014 and 2,046 in 2015 till March. Since 2010, the annual sales fallen short of expectations since its launch in MY2010, as per the report. The CUV’s annual sales have consistently dropped from 2010 except in 2012.

The 2016 HR-V is set to hit the U.S. dealerships this spring. According to the report, the company is also relocating production of the Accord Hybrid from the Marysville, Ohio plant to its Sayama plant in Japan. The relocation of production from Ohio to Japan might stir up the prices of the car. The Plug-in Hybrid model which starts at US$10,475 more than the base price of the conventional Hybrid model, is already manufactured at the Sayama plant in Japan.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  1. Has anyone ever noticed that the Crosstour resembles a Rover 2500 4dr of old. OK, nobody right! I’m just guessing, but I think Honda England probably wanted this body for quite some time. A front-drive, 5dr., Shooting Brake of sorts.They’re kind of weird, & that the car feels cheap inside the hatch, & thefragile feel of the trim pieces as well. I believe they are a bit pricey and now they are going the route of the Acura (Honda) ZDX. “Oh to fall on my Samurai Sword.” You should know I sold new & used Hondas in NA (NW) for 4yrs and Acura for 4yrs. and worked in Acura (Dealership level) service and quality control of new vehicles for 7yrs. I am a Honda/Acura guy.

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