USA: Mazda reveals its ‘Retail Evolution’ for dealerships

August 31, 2015

Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) has announced ‘Retail Evolution’ design theme for its dealerships. The revised design theme has been implemented to offer customers an enhanced buying experience with an improved design and decor. Mazda of Everett, located in Seattle, Wash, is the first dealership that has been built to the new retail standard.

Featuring an open concept floor-plan, the new theme for dealerships is set to promote a new level of business transparency. The dealerships feature a prominent clean white and premium black exteriors along with Mazda signage in chrome designed to seek attention. The interiors of the showroom incorporate new raw-material tones of wood and metal to give it a premium look and feel.


The retail space has been designed to maximise the use of space with enhanced use of glass allowing customers a transparent view into the dealership operations. The updated Mazda Lounge will also feature added conveniences like internet access through free WiFi and multiple-device charging stations. The showrooms will now also feature digital displays that will continuously update the information about the vehicles displayed and reduce stale imagery.

Jim O’Sullivan, President & CEO, MNAO said that the company will be offering an enhanced dealership experience, banking on the company’s groundbreaking design and strong vehicle line-up. He went on to add the new ‘Retail Evolution’ design will showcase the direction and spirit of the company, while offering the customers a premium experience.

The press release is embedded below for further information.

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