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2016 VW Jetta to get a 1.4 litre Turbocharged petrol engine

August 6, 2015

Continuing the trend of downsizing Volkswagen of America has announced that it will be replacing the ageing naturally aspirated 2.0 litre engine in the Volkswagen Jetta with the more powerful and modern 1.4 litre Turbocharged TSI unit.

The 1.4 litre engine which is a part of the latest EA211 series of small engines from the manufacturer will feature a light aluminium construction with an integrated exhaust manifold along with a toothed belt drive for the variable intake and exhaust timing valvetrain. This engine also features internal changes with the cylinder bore decreased by 2 mm to 74.5 mm and the stroke being increased to 80 mm to facilitate compact dimensions as well as the addition of turbocharging.

Volkswagen New 1.4 Litre TSI Turbocharged Engine USA

VW 1.4 Litre Turbocharged TSI engine

The engine produces 150 hp (111.8 kW) of power at 5000 rpm and 249 Nm (187 lb-ft) of torque with the incorporation of a single scroll turbocharger. It will be offered with an option of a five speed manual and a six speed automatic DSG transmission.

The fuel economy is expected to increase by 13 percent to 39 mpg (16.58 kmpl) in the automatic variant compared to the previous 2.0 litre engine. The new 1.4 litre engine will also replace the 1.8 litre TSI engine that was offered in the Jetta SE variant.

Volkswagen states that the downsized turbocharged engines will account for nearly 97 percent of vehicles that will be sold in the U.S in the future across model lines. Joerg Sommer, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, Volkswagen of America stated that the company is delighted that the consumers can benefit with the performance and efficiency of our turbocharged engines.

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