Yamaha Car Concept

Yamaha bringing new concept car to 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

October 20, 2015

Yamaha has announced the models that it will be showcasing at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The theme of Yamaha’s display area will be “Yamaha Motor Product Orchestra”. The company has mentioned that it will be showcasing 20 models out of which six will make their world premiere and one will have its Japanese premiere. The most exciting among all, should be the brand’s new concept car that is inspired by motorcycles.

Car Design Concept:

A teaser image (featured image) that shows the silhouette of what seems like a two-seater sports car having a teardrop-shaped glasshouse and sensuous, bulging wheel arches along with edgy tail lights. The release briefly says that the concept is inspired by motorcycles and expresses the “Unique style of Yamaha.”

Yamaha Leaning Multi-Wheel technology:

Yamaha Leaning Multi-Wheel technology

Again a teaser image is shown that does not reveal much apart from the twin-fork front suspension system. The company mentions that it is designed to create a new dimension of Kando, which is a Japanese word used to describe simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that are encountered when one comes across something of exceptional value.

Resonator 125:

Yamaha Resonator 125

This concept is aimed at young people who have not yet discovered the joy of motorcycling. Yamaha says that the chassis is lightweight, slim and compact with an instrument panel assembly featuring an innovative device. Wood panels are used in the fuel tank and seat cowl with wood grain materials that are used in guitar manufacturing. Intricate engravings on the muffler and fuel tank cap are done with the same techniques employed for brass wind instruments. Powering this retro-looking motorcycle is a not very advanced single cylinder, four stroke, air-cooled engine.

 PES2 and PED2:

Yamaha PES2

These two electric concept bikes are an evolution of the PES1 and PED1 that were showcased at Tokyo Motor Show a couple of years ago. These electric motorcycles are designed to give the same natural feel to enthusiasts, while at the same time giving them a new kind of riding experience. They have a monocoque structure that doubles up as the frame. Both bikes draw power from the same Yamaha Smart Power Module.

The PES2 is the on-road motorcycle having dimensions of 1,920 mm, 680 mm and 1,060 mm in length, width and height respectively. It is claimed to weigh less than 130 kg and has an additional electric motor built in the hub of the front wheel, thus making it a 2WD bike.

Yamaha PED2

The PED2 has dimensions of 2,045 mm, 775 mm and 1,205 mm in length, width and height. It weighs under 100 kg and is driven by a DC brushless motor with power sourced from a detachable lithium-ion battery; same as the PES2. It’s however, purpose built for off-road and taking on mountain trails.

YPJ-MTB Concept:

Yamaha YPJ-MTB Concept

This is essentially a mountain bike with electric propulsion provided by a 250 Watt DC brushless motor aided by a 400 Wh battery. Yamaha says that the motive power provided by electricity will be appreciated in situations where it needed the most, like in starts, acceleration and hill climbing. The concept is also equipped with a multi-function instrument panel for displaying relevant information.

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